Welcome to our Affiliate Programme!

We are so excited to introduce our Affiliate Programme, an easy and profitable on-line business model. Being an Affiliate means you can earn commission (advertising fees) without any products or investment cost. Our programme doesn’t require any specific business experience or technical knowledge. Starting as Affiliate is an ideal way to get your very own low risk add on business off the ground, ideal for beginners and experienced Affiliates alike.

How does it work?

Joining the programme is both simple and free. Each Affiliate has their own unique account used to track linked sales and show Advertising Fee (commission) payments. By signing up to the Affiliate Programme you confirm your agreement to and enter into a contractual agreement (the Operating Agreement) View Operating Agreement

In return, Affiliates are able to use corporate logo’s / banners and images to promote our products. Each Affiliate will have their own unique link that can be used on web sites, social media, emails etc. to direct potential customers to our site. The link enables us to track the linked customer conversions (sales) and to pay Advertising Fees (commission) to our Affiliates. The model lends itself well to sites that already have an established web presence (for example, Bloggers, on-line retailers and those with established connections with a potential customer base (parents / organisations working with young children).

Considerable thought has gone into making the book the best on the market. This offers significant opportunity to our Affiliates to use our product to drive traffic to your own web sites to enhance your own marketability.

Scheme Highlights

You will have a named Account Manager and full contact details; our Affiliate Cookies are set to last for 90 days; we have 25% commission as well as offering custom discount codes for you to advertise 15% off to potential customers and we have a range of corporate assets that we are happy for you to use.

We are equally happy for you to create your own account and process orders directly or to use your unique affiliate link so that customers can complete their order on our site with their purchase system tracked for you.

For our Affiliates

In addition to being able to access promotional materials, which can be downloaded here Affiliates will have the full benefit of customers being able to use our web site for full book preview functionality to aid sales conversions. All of our sales come with FREE worldwide shipping ensuring that there is a large potential market for our product (Our US version of the book will be launching before Spring 2016).

Additionally we will provide each Affiliate with a 15% customer discount code to help you to market our books to customers. Most importantly Affiliates will earn a standard 20% Advertising Fee (commission), however as an introductory offer the Advertising Fee (commission rate) will be 25% on all Qualifying Purchases prior to 31st January 2017.

Worked example:

  • Average customer sale works out at 1.4 books per customer. Therefore:
  • £18.99 (Cover price) less 15% discount = £16.14 (customer price)
  • £16.14 x 1.4 = £22.60 (average customer sale)
  • £22.60 x 25% = £5.65 (commission per customer)

Note: Bigger discounts are offered for multi book purchases that may change the pricing dynamics used in the above example, however these values are fine for indicative purposes.

So what is the potential?

We think we have created the best personalised children’s book on the market (entire world!!). With our main competitor having notched up over 1 million sales of their debut book last year the potential is significant. They achieved this predominantly through paid and organic search. We consider the potential for proactive affiliates is significant. Why not give it a try and sign up today!

Next Steps

Just select the "Sign Up" option above and enter your details. Basic bank details are needed to set up your account for your payments to be paid directly to your bank account. If your bank account is for a Company please ensure you enter the Company's name. Once we receive your completed form you'll hear back from us within 2 days to confirm your successful application along with our simple 'How to' guide for managing your Affiliate account.